Friday, August 5, 2011

garlic butter.

Okay, so this is probably the easiest and yet most delicious thing I've ever had on any bread. But it fills me with so much regret, because, well. Garlic breath. But I'd been growing tired of peanut butter, nutella (I guess it's possible) and other sweet spreads, plus I hadn't had garlic rolls in a really long time, and wanted them again just for the taste.

I get this nostalgic feeling whenever I eat garlic bread, though I don't really understand why, because I didn't have it often in my childhood. My mom used to buy the garlic toast from the freezer section though, but it wasn't common, and I'd eat the entire thing within a couple of days, no problem. Maybe that's where I got it from.

In any case, after all these years of liking garlic butter, garlic toast, garlic knots, all that jazz, I finally decided to just make my own tub of garlic butter, to spread on anything I wanted. Which meant garlic breath for a long time.

No regrets though. It's not like I step out of the house often enough to make contact with people in the first place! And my family enjoyed the garlic butter as well - we finished an entire baguette in a day because of it.

All gone! We had to keep slicing more and more and more bread to go with the spread that I made. The garlic butter had a ton of chopped up parsley in it, and I'll be honest... I really like the smell and the flavor of parsley. Our family doesn't get parsley often; if anything, this was the first time we purchased parsley in perhaps more than ten years. We're a cilantro family, and my mom had the impression that parsley wasn't all that good anyway. But this proved her wrong, and now we're (at last!) a cilantro and parsley family.

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